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Contemporary Athlete is the capital districts authority in sport driven functional fitness & nutritional education.


This place started with a goal to offer exceptional training for those who didn't know they were looking for it. Do you want to go faster? Want to get stronger? Come to us and transform your body into the best shape of your life.

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This is where almost everyone starts. This program is meticulously designed to allow you to lose more weight, get seriously strong, and develop lifelong habits.

It's a three step process to success. Nutrition counseling, systemized training, and the support you need from your trainers and peers.

Welcome to the no judgment zone. At the CA, we only care about getting the work done and supporting each other through it. There are no mirrors and no negative talk. Just a bunch of people trying to reach their individual goals together, as a team.

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Helping athletes get faster and stronger is what we do. And we are very, very good at it.

We know that before you can run like the wind, you need to be able to move - with strength. This means analyzing your form, from how you look while moving to how you stop. This gives us a ton of information on what you do well and where we can tweak things to unleash your inner superhero.

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Have a competitive rowing team that needs a home to train at? Or are you looking for a fun, low impact workout you can do off the water? Try rowing at CA.

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