We constantly see lots of people in gyms wasting their money, time and energy. Laboring aimlessly on cardio machines. Or moving some weight around, risking injury with terrible form. And with no plan to make sure they succeed.

You can skip all that wasted time and money. We are the areas leaders at teaching effective, efficient, body movement. Because of this level of commitment to you, it allows us to be able to teach you to move stuff, occasionally heavy stuff, and most importantly feel AMAZING doing it. We use bodyweight, kettlebells, some dumbbells, and maybe even a barbell or two.

Our strength training program is scientifically proven to produce visible results. You will have increased energy and will burn more calories even after leaving the gym.

Have you been to a group fitness class anywhere? Our program is nothing like that useless, boring crap. Every six weeks we serve up new programing for our small group classes. A key to sustainable performance gains is structured change. This will help you avoid plateaus and promote ongoing results.

Our classes are small (8 people max) so we are able to highly personalize them. And provide you with a chance to push yourself safely and effectively toward your goals. Working out in a group provides structure and accountability to help achieve fitness goals. You are always more likely to have a great training session and get better results from the well-rounded movements and pace direction you get in a small group setting.

Those that train in groups tend to stick to their goals more consistently than those who work out alone. Small groups motivate each other and make it easier to reach beyond plateaus. Sometimes the intensity is high and sometimes not. But high quality is always expected. We all have bad days but the family of athletes here is what will get you through some of the hardest training you have ever done.

Do you really want to change your body and your fitness level? Join the last gym you’ll ever want.


No credit card, membership agreement or payment required. (All classes are BYOT*)

* Bring your own towel. Bath, hand, crying, what ever you prefer.

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