Do you want to do more than “Get lean, build strength, and burn fat”?

Have you plateaued in your current program? Do you want to PR every time you compete?

Does your drive for your athletic goals lead you to being more than just “competitive”? At the CA, we are known for helping people train to win.

If you said “YES!” to any of these questions then you are in the right place. If you said “NO” then check out our FIT classes.

In the CA’s Performance format, we have a long track record of helping people expand both their mental and physical limits. And helping them become the athlete they always wanted to be.

As an athlete you are hardwired to compete for as long as possible and play at the top of your game.. Thus, you want to decrease any chance of injury.

So, you may be looking to:

  • increase your speed,
  • improve your strength
  • solidify your conditioning

If this sounds familiar then you are in the right place. Our clients win pretty much everything they compete at. This happens for a few reasons.

Quality. We believe that quality always comes before quantity.

Therefore our primary focus is ALWAYS:

  • Safety,
  • Technical prowess
  • Fundamental Functional Movement

From this we can really build on your foundation. Creating the ability to push your limits, physically, mentally, and occasionally emotionally. Helping athletes get faster, stronger, and mentally tougher is what we do. And we have a long track record of being very, very good at it.

We know that before you can compete like a pro you need to move efficiently - with strength.

Based on your specific needs, we will set up an individualized plan to get you to your goal as safely and as quickly as possible. This will consist of some personalized/small group training (1:1 to 1:4) so that you and your coach can have some ultra precise coaching on specific topics just for you. With much of the work coming from our team/sport focused and supported small team sessions (8 people max).

Each session is 90 minutes long.

Expect a heavy emphasis on:

  • skill development
  • power creation
  • multi directional speed/stop/endurance.

We use many methodologies and tools in order to get you the best results possible in the shortest time. And we are so confident in what we do that we guarantee it.


No credit card, membership agreement or payment required. (All classes are BYOT*)

* Bring your own towel. Bath, hand, crying, what ever you prefer.

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