The #1 thing you aren’t doing that you should…

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It will increase your gains, power up your performance, and all around make you a much better human being. It’s so simple that you are going to be ticked that somebody did tell you before. (Or maybe they did and you didn’t listen.) The best part is you can do it just about anywhere, you shouldn’t have any issues feeling guilty about it and it will cost you absolutely NOTHING!!!

SLEEP is the base of the pyramid when it comes to training, and all things life. It’s so important and most of us are getting a terribly small amount of it. Sleep is when your body recovers. It’s when your body repairs all of the terrible things that you did to it over the course of the previous day. Your brain literally takes out the trash, and clears space for new things, and you do something productive with all of those dark hours when nobody is doing anything great anyways.

If you can’t find the time to train 4 days a week you are absolutely nuts, but if you can’t get enough sleep you are literally just wasting time. It has been proven that chronic sleep deprivation can cause fatigue, daytime sleepiness, and both weight loss, and gain.

There are 168 hours in the week.

You should spend

  • 4-8 of them training/fitnessing.
  • 16-20 hours eating.
  • 56-70 HOURS SLEEPING!!!

The other 70 hours are for you to figure out what to do with.

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