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The answer to THE 3 – year question: What is Contemporary Athlete?

Let me start this with a precursor. “What is Contemporary Athlete?” is a question I hate. There is a darned good reason for that too. For a long time I didn’t (and in some cases still don’t) know how to answer it. When I get asked what it is we do here I generally can’t answer it, which from a business standpoint is a horrible thing. That question is then usually followed up by “It looks like…”

What I have learned from the art world is work that I don’t like, or even loath, is something I need to explore. There is something for me to learn and this question is that very thing. It has freaking haunted me since I opened and I hear it at least once a week. So while doing a lot of really important, yet boring, stuff with the move and install of the new facility, I had a lot of time to spend in my head, thinking, and I think I have a pretty good partial answer.

Contemporary Athlete is a philosophy, and as I learned in my undergrad days, a philosophy is about as hard to nail down as was getting that cute brunette in the front of the class to give me her number. Much like that girl it just took some time, some bad jokes, and a little bit of glitter. (The gym version: hard work, tequila, and a new facility.)

Here are some definitions of words that I think about when I think of this place. (Bare with me this is going somewhere)


  • Living or occurring at the same time.
  • Belonging to or occurring in the present


  • A person who is proficient in sports and other forms of physical exercise.


  • The result or achievement toward which effort is directed; aim; end.
  • The terminal point in a race.
  • A pole, line, or other marker that such indicates a point.
  • An area, basket, cage, or other object or structure toward or into which players of various games attempt to throw, carry, kick, hit, or drive a ball, puck, etc., to score a point or points.
  • The act of throwing, carrying, kicking, driving, etc., a ball or puck into such an area or object.
  • The score made by this act.


  • The quality or state of being strong; bodily or muscular power; vigor.
  • Mental power, force, or vigor.
  • Moral power, firmness, or courage.


  • Rapidity in moving, going, traveling, proceeding, or performing; swiftness; celerity
  • Relative rapidity in moving, going; rate of motion or progress
  • Full, maximum, or optimum rate of motion


  • Holding fast; characterized by keeping a firm hold (often followed by of) a tenacious grip on my arm; tenacious of old habits.
  • Highly retentive: a tenacious memory.
  • Pertinacious, persistent, stubborn, or obstinate.
  • Adhesive or sticky; viscous or glutinous.
  • Holding together; cohesive; not easily pulled asunder; tough.


  • Exposure to the chance of injury or loss; a hazard or dangerous


  • Something given or received in return or recompense for service, merit, hardship, etc.


  • The manner in which or the efficiency with which something reacts or fulfills its intended purpose.

So here is the 10-second elevator explanation of what we do and what can be communicated to others. Hopefully this will give them an idea of what happens inside and outside the walls here. It also allows me to make sure this ninja school stays true and pointed in the right direction.

Contemporary Athlete is a strength and conditioning facility focused on mobility, solid fundamental skill development, and power that is geared toward sport specific athletics.

Legs day monday

This is Ninja School

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  • CA Nation

    Contemporary Athlete as a philosophy has finally broken the age of
    conception. Sent fourth from the sheltered depths of Fairchild Square, she’s ready to raise hell in the real world and deliver her blow on the connotation of functional fitness and the health of the world around us.

    CA is a philosophy that addresses the obstacles we face everywhere
    in our lives; not just on the turf and rubber. From that, we’ve all become
    better people.

    We as Ninjas hold a responsibility and it’s our turn as your students
    to give back to the cause. We do so by living like Contemporary Athletes
    wherever life takes us; by setting goals, taking risks, performing highly and
    reaping awesome rewards from the strength, speed and tenacity you’ve
    given us the opportunity to develop.

    Much like our warm up, the CA philosophy is a dynamic concept that
    we define, just as much as it defines us. That definition has changed a lot
    in the past three years, and with each new adaptation it improves in the
    best interest of those who cultivate its existence.

    What is Contemporary Athlete? It’s us. It’s so hard to nail down like
    that brunette in class, because, so are we.

    We’re strong. We’re conditioned. We’re mobile. We’re fundamentally
    skilled, sport specific athletes that have one thing in common. We believe
    in CA and we’re gonna ride this bi*ch as far as it will take us.

    On behalf of us all,

    Ninjas. Out.

  • Bud Halsey

    Hi Dave,

    I’m surprised you don’t have a rowing machine in your photo of the new facility.
    We modest rowing athletes, know it’s the king of sports – on the water in a racing shell, that is –
    and we get to sit and relax, 50% of the time while racing !

    Bud Halsey

    • benderd

      There will be a lot more images soon on the website. I am having it professionally shot pretty soon (as soon as I can set a date) to show off the goods! Rowing starts next week! Watch for the newsletter this week.

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