We believe that personal training and sports performance training can be affordable. For the cost of just one session at other gyms we are able to provide unlimited personal training to you. Each membership option below comes with free nutrition coaching and a free monthly in body scan with a whole bunch of other great benefits too.

Assessment & Program Development – $197

All members start with a 2-week assessment and program development period. The fee for this is $197. This is a one-time fee for developing your first training program. This process takes 2 weeks. After this period you will choose from one of the two membership options below.

How it works

There are 2 membership options based on the number of days per week you would like to train, $97/week and $67/week. Each member must begin their journey with a 2-week Assessment & Program Development Period. The fee for this is $197 and will only be charged one time in the lifetime of your membership.

We try to keep things simple over here and be extremely transparent with our pricing and policies.

Each membership is billed in weekly installments in order to help keep our memberships affordable. This is not a pay per session model. Membership fees will be billed each week regardless of whether or not you attend. Accountability is important. We want you to attend training sessions and will reach out if we haven’t seen you in a week to make sure you get into the gym.

In order to keep our prices as affordable as possible we do not allow membership holds unless they are for medical reasons. We do understand that life sometimes gets in the way. Please reach out if you have a serious need to place your membership on hold and we will try to be as accommodating as possible.

Join today and these benefits are yours

  • Custom Personal Training Program
  • FREE Nutrition Coaching
  • FREE monthly Inbody Scans
  • Accountability Coach
  • Flexible session times – open 6 days a week
  • Mobile app to book sessions and track performance
  • Month-to-month agreement with 7-day notice on cancellation
  • Convenient weekly billing
  • Over 50 available sessions per week
  • No late cancellation penalty ($25 per cancellation at other gyms)
  • Limited membership means no wait list for session times