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Is your athlete ready to step up their game and hit the field like never before? You’ve come to the right place! Here at Contemporary Athlete, our youth sports performance program is all about gaining that competitive edge and having a blast while doing it.

Youth Sports Performance Training Can Help Your Athlete:

  • Build functional strength
  • Improve mobility, speed, and agility
  • Move more efficiently in everything you do
  • Learn how to juggle exterior factors like nutrition, rest, and mental preparation

Over 10 Years of Experience

Helping Student Athletes Earn over $12.2 MILLION in Scholarship Money

Professional Coaches

Our team of coaches are real deal. These folks know their stuff inside and out. From the fundamentals of movement to the nitty-gritty of performance training, they’ve got you covered. We’re not just throwing darts in the dark here; we’re crafting personalized plans tailored to your specific goals and sport-specific demands.

The process begins with a one-on-one assessment of your athlete. We will assess mobility, movement patterns, and discuss any health issues, injuries, and nutrition concerns. We’ll also talk about you and your athlete’s goals, timeline, training history and schedule. After this Strategy Session we will develop a customized training plan to help them meet everyone’s collective goals and stand out from the competition.

Our Coaches Will Help:

  • Identify and improve your areas of weakness
  • Gain flexibility and reduce stress on your joints
  • Learn how to treat your body in-season, out of season, and everywhere in between
  • Learn about nutrition to ensure optimal performance when it counts the most

Unlimited Sports Performance

That’s lower than the price of just one personal training session at other gyms.


Our elite athlete training programs provide individualized training based on personal goals and sport-specific demands.


It’s not just about what happens on the field. We take a holistic training approach here. That means combining top-notch workouts with nutrition guidance to ensure you’re performing at your peak no matter the season.


Our Coaches will get you motivated like never before and build confidence in yourself with mindset coaching so you can stay focused and win the game.

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So what are you waiting for? Let’s get out there and show the competition what you’re made of!